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It is completely free for the public to register as a member of Netlaw and to begin to connect and use our web site as an information and connection resource. Free membership allows you to:

  • Post to Forums. Get real time insights on current legal issues
  • Email members of the community directly limited to 30 per day.
  • Resource information that is generally available from our site that will assist you at this difficult time.
  • Participate in the community allowing you to directly connect with professionals that may be able to provide assistance
  • Allows professionals to influence the choice of service available to those who may not have thought about instructing a professional in the past.
  • Members can judge for themselves from the professionals in the community who they wish to contact and possibly engage their services
  • Start or join an interest group to generate/discover information about your particular interest or issue
  • Both professional and members of the public can post articles on issues pertinent to family law for the general benefit by members of our site.
  • Professionals may choose to open individual profiles and/or firm/company profiles for marketing purposes for access by other professionals and members of the public.
  • See who has viewed your profile limited to the most recent 10 views.

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